To space and back!

Able & Baker were the first living creatures – two monkeys – that went into space and returned (alive!).
In other words, they have made the impossible possible. And that’s exactly our mission for your company.
Just like Able & Baker, we’ll go into space and back – figuratively speaking – to achieve your goals!

Who are we?

We are Sander & Gertjan (but you can call us Able & Baker).
Together we have built up a lot of experience in contriving and producing all kinds of audiovisual productions for different agencies, global brands, all kinds of companies, non-profit organizations, …
Thanks to our work experience we have developed a diverse skillset in animation and film. Both in devising and setting up a campaign, as well as in its full implementation.
In addition, we have a wide range of in-house gear available to realize all kinds of productions. Things like audio equipement, lights, film cameras (RED, Sony FS7, …), drone, edit computers, …
Finally, we have also built up an extensive network of creatives in recent years, each of whom excels in their field of expertise.
This ensures we can always put together the perfect team perfectly tailored to your targets.

Ready to succeed with video?
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